Grower’s Cup Birthday Organic Coffee Gift Box 啡農杯生日有機咖啡禮盒


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Made in Denmark.

The perfect birthday present for the coffee happy! Here you get a gift box with five different coffee brewers from five different countries; Colombia, Brazil, Guatemala, Honduras and Ethiopia. The coffee gift box will give the lucky recipient an introduction to our coffee range and the opportunity to taste great coffee from different places around the world. An ideal gift for the upcoming birthday party of a curious coffee enthusiast.

Grower’s Cup Birthday Gift Box contains:
1 x Grower’s Cup Colombia Organic & Fairtrade Coffeebrewer
1 x Grower’s Cup Honduras Organic & Fairtrade Coffeebrewer
1 x Grower’s Cup Brazil Fairtrade Coffeebrewer
1 x Grower’s Cup Guatemala Organic & Fairtrade Cofferbrewer
1 x Grower’s Cup Ethiopia Organic & Fairtrade Coffeebrewer

Just Brew & Enjoy!

A quality product created wisely
At The Brew Company, we have developed a sustainable product using renewable energy, because we want to be part of the climate solution and not the problem. Therefore, the product is also plastic neutral, CO2 neutral, BPA free and the brewers are made of environmentally friendly natural paper and a thin PE.

Coffeebrewers – brew in the bag
The brew-in-the-bag concept was developed in an endeavour for quality and convenience. We took the tasteful experience you get from the plunger jug and pour over coffee and mixed it with the convenience of instant coffee. The coffee, which is hand-roasted in Denmark, is in the bag in the packaging. All you have to do is pour hot water over. Therefore, it is also easy to take the coffeebrewers out and enjoy anywhere and anytime.

On the package, there are careful instructions with the amount of water and brewing time, depending on the desired strength of the coffee, so you can experiment your way to your favorite. A perfect coffee gift for a coffee enthusiast who wants to experiment and explore flavours.

Besides being Fairtrade, all the coffee, with the exception of Brazil, is also organic.

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