Jailhouse Jailbird Organic Dark Roast Coffee 壁屋鳥有機深烘培咖啡( 12oz/340g)



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JAILBIRD ORGANIC BLEND (DARK ROAST) – Jailbird Organic Dark Roast is a best seller, considered to be our Jailhouse version of a French roast. Perfectly balanced with distinctive thick dark chocolate notes and a silky smooth finish, this coffee is a repeat non-offender.

USDA ORGANIC CERTIFIED, NON-GMO, KOSHER & FAIRTRADE – Non-organic coffee is now known to be the heaviest chemically treated food in the world. At Jailhouse Coffee, we strive to ensure the freshest top quality organic beans for our customers and proper trading practices with our suppliers.

A ROAST & GRIND FOR EVERYONE – There is a Jailhouse Coffee for any coffee drinker – we offer medium-dark, ground or whole bean. Some want the convenience of ground beans. Some want the long lasting freshness of whole beans. We offer low acid blends, and organically grown blends. We have an option for any coffee connoisseur.

CONSISTENT FLAVOUR & EVEN ROAST – Day after day, cup after cup, Jailhouse Organic Coffee delivers the goods every time! Roasted in small batches in Queens, NY using traditional methods, and then packaged in premium foil lined re-closable bags, you will be amazed at just how good a cup of coffee can be with a little coffee bean TLC.

GROWN TRADITIONALLY IN IDEAL ORIGINS – Jailhouse Coffee beans are sourced from ideal coffee growing regions all around the world with nutrient rich soils, and traditional pesticide-free organic farming practices. We purchase our beans directly from organic farms whenever possible to ensure organic practices are maintained throughout the production.

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