Deep Valley Biodynamic Dark Roast Coffee 長谷生物動力有機深烘培咖啡(12oz/340g)



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100% Demeter certified biodynamic organically grown coffee. Biodynamic farmers never use GMOs, synthetic chemicals, fertilisers or pesticides. The beans are grown in adherence to the farming practices of Demeter Biodynamic Certification Program.

Why is biodynamic grown coffee better?
1. Better for you – Chemical-free, pure & clean organic beans.
2. Better for the planet – Conscious, regenerative & sustainable farming methods. A complete ecosystem. Biodynamic farms integrate plants, animals, water, air and soil into a regulating ecosystem.

Freshness is our priority. Our coffee is freshly roasted & heat-sealed in a premium foil lined bag with de-gassing valve.

Region: Espirito Santo, Brazil
Altitude: 1,200M
Farm: Camocim Estate
Biodynamic certified: ✅
Organic certified: ✅
No GMO certified: ✅
Roast: Dark
Roastery: Hand roasted in small batches by Deep Valley Coffee, New York, USA

產地: 巴西聖埃斯皮里圖
海拔: 1,200米
種植園: Camocim Estate
生物動力認證: ✅
有機認證: ✅
無轉基因認證: ✅
烘培度: 深
烘培廠: 美國紐約長谷咖啡。 小批量手工精緻烘培。

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