Ethique Bombshell Self Tanning Bar


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The world’s first (and only) solid self tanning bar. Perfect for light-medium skin tones, Bombshell will leave you with kissably smooth, golden skin with no streaks. Bombshell contains a bronzer for those who want instant gratification or just to see where you have been.

Bombshell is just as easy to use as a liquid tanner and works in the same way. Bombshell contains both two tanning agents for the perfect colour- no orange tones and no streaking, due to the magic of an ingredient called erythrulose.

Each bar is equivalent to one bottle of liquid tanner and comes in a box for easy storage in your bathroom. Scented with lime essential oil.

For best results exfoliate first and use gloves when applying. Colour develops from 4 hours and is complete at 24. It will last for up to 10 days if skin is kept hydrated.

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Solid self tanning bar- no plastic bottles!

Get kissably smooth, golden skin for up to 10 days.

Cocoa butter, with jojoba and macadamia extracts for supple skin.

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