Grower’s Cup Whole Bean Coffee – Ethiopia Organic & Fairtrade 啡農杯埃塞俄比亞有機及公平交易咖啡豆 (250g)


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Our coffee beans from Ethiopia is fine, tart and quite typical Ethiopian. It comes with a refined acidity, a careful filling and notes of bergamot, citrus and light chocolate. It develops a lot across different temperature and brewing methods, and is definitely a coffee that is fun to geek with.

The Coffee Tree Coffea Arabica, from which the coffee originates, originates in Ethiopia in a mountainous area. Back in time, according to history, the natives have plucked the ripe berries from the coffee plant and eaten the pulp. It wasn’t until years later that they found a different way to harness the beans and their aromatic tastes.

Legend has it that an Ethiopian goat herder, Kaldi, observed one day that his goats behaved strangely. After eating berries from a previously unknown tree, the oldest goat jumped and danced. The goat herder took the berries home to the local monastery so they could explore what it was. Here the berries were studied and experimented with. The result was tested on humans and here discovered with the invigorating effect of coffee. Many hundreds of years later, we are still enjoying the energy we get from what we know today is the coffee tree.

Region: Ethiopia
Process: Natural
Fairtrade certified: ✅
Organic certified: ✅
Roastery: The Brew Company, Denmark
Notes: Bergamot, citrus and light chocolate

產地: 埃塞俄比亞
加工方法: 日曬
公平交易認證: ✅
有機認證: ✅
烘培廠: 丹麥The Brew Company
風味: 佛手柑, 柑橘, 輕朱古力

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