Grower’s Cup Whole Bean Coffee – Bolivia Organic & Fairtrade 啡農杯玻利維亞有機及公平交易咖啡豆 (250g)


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Our Organic and Fairtrade Bolivia coffee is the epitome of specialty coffee. It is a remarkably different cup with fine delicate notes of melon and pumpkin. It has a discreet bitterness equal to a pecan nut, as well as an aftertaste with notes of vanilla.

Region: Caranavi, Bolivia
Altitude: 1,200-1,500M
Farm/cooperative: CIAPEC (http://www.ciapec.org)
Fairtrade certified: ✅
Organic certified: ✅
Varieties: Typica, Caturra
Process: Washed
Roastery: The Brew Company, Denmark
Notes: Vanilla, Nuts, Melon, Pumpkin

產地: 玻利維亞卡拉那維
海拔: 1,200-1,500米
種植園: CIAPEC (http://www.ciapec.org)
公平貿易認證: ✅
有機認證: ✅
品種: 帝比卡, 卡杜拉
加工方法: 水洗
烘培廠: 丹麥 The Brew Company
風味: 香草, 堅果, 甜瓜, 南瓜

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