Biossentials 100% Pure Essential Oil – Organic Ylang Ylang Complete


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Anti-depressant & Aphrodisiac

Biossentials Ylang Ylang Complete is distilled from the flower. The oil is from the whole distillation, without any fractionation or grading. (There are 6 recognised fractions.) A highly fragrant oil with exotic, warm floral base/middle note. Relaxes, reduces stress, anxiety and depression. Use for sleeping problems and insomnia. Relieves sexual anxiety and enhances your mood.


  • Used in skincare products to help balance sebum and most useful for both dry and oily skin conditions.
  • Traditionally recognised for its calming and euphoric properties on the nervous system, uplifts the spirit.
  • It is considered to be aphrodisiac in nature.

Safety PrecautionUse in moderation due to its heady scent may cause headaches or nausea.

Product Size: 10ml


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