Biossentials 100% Pure Essential Oil – Organic Rosemary


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Stimulating & Anti-rheumatic

Biossentials Pure Rosemary oil is from the steam distillation of the fresh flowering tops of the herb. It is a middle note with a strong, stimulating and refreshing herbaceous scent. Stimulates circulation, improves cold feet and hands, tired legs and fluid retention. Relieves muscle aches, arthritic and rheumatic pain. Improves concentration and memory.


  • Used in skincare products to assist and balance acneic, greasy, sagging and puffy skin.
  • It helps to promote shine and luster in hair care and general healthy hair growth.
  • Traditionally, it is said to be uplifting and inspiring that helps to stimulate and uplift the spirit and clear the mind.

Safety PrecautionHighly stimulating and not recommended in pregnancy and those with epilepsy and high blood pressure.

Product Size: 10ml


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