April Love Teabrewer – Fruity Figs & Pineapple Organic Fruit Tea (7 Pcs) 春之戀便攜式有機無花果波羅果茶包


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Made in Denmark, our tea blends are hand-picked and 100% organic. This fruit tea is a spicy tea mix of berry-flavoured fruit pieces. Here you get a sweet and exotic infusion with hints of ripe pineapple followed by a surprising taste of fresh pomegranate and pepper. By using our Teabrewer, you can serve freshly brewed tea in just 4 – 6 minutes, and get from 2 to 4 cups of tea. Fruity Figs and Pineapple is a cheeky summer in a cup – juicy and refreshing! All our tea blends consist of natural dried fruits and berries. You will therefore be able to eat this Fruity Figs & Pineapple fruit tea as a small healthy snack.

Ingredients: Apple pieces*, apple parts*, tea*, hibiscus flowers*, natural flavours, rose petals*, basil leaves*, cornflower leaves* / *Guaranteed organic product from EU/non-EU agriculture.

Cups per brewer: 2-4
Brewing temperature: 100°C
Brewing time: 4-6 minutes
Reusable: Yes (empty, rinse and refill)

Our Fruity Figs & Pineapple fruit tea will give you the smell of sun and summer and the taste of summer’s sweet fruits. Our Teabrewer is specially designed so you can easily brew quality tea where you prefer to enjoy your tea. The brewer has a packaging that allows you to reuse the brewer to brew your own favourable tea. In this way, you also help to take care of the environment and the nature by recycling the brewer instead of throwing it away after use. Our Teabrewer does not contain aluminum or other harmful materials. We encourage all our customers, as we want a more sustainable world, to contribute to a better world in your everyday life.

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