April Love Teabrewer – Earl Grey Organic Black Tea (7 Pcs) 春之戀便攜式有機伯爵紅茶包


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Made in Denmark, this aromatic black tea is enriched with the taste of bergamot also called bergamot orange, as it is a citrus fruit grown primarily in Italy and North Africa. Bergamotte has a very distinctive scent that you certainly know from other classic Earl Grey teas. Our tea will leave you with a pleasant scent of honey and lemon and an aftertaste reminiscent of the finest pastry. In addition, our tea is organic and 100% natural. A Teabrewer can give from 2 to 4 cups of tea according to how you want to brew the tea. We recommend the brewing time is from 4-6 minutes depending on how flavorful your tea should be. Earl Grey has long been the English’s favourite tea, and with our version it can also be yours, and it will give a real sense of the phenomenon of “afternoon tea”.

Ingredients: Tea*, flavourings / *Guaranteed organic product from non-EU agriculture.

Cups per brewer: 2-4
Brewing temperature: 100°C
Brewing time: 4-6 minutes
Reusable: Yes (empty, rinse and refill)

Our amazing Earl Grey tea comes in our Teabrewers. This tea will every tea-lover love and with Teabreweren’s specially designed filter technology you can explore your inner Tea Master. We’ve made it easy for you to brew quality tea when you’re on the go, as our Teabrewers are designed thin and have a lightness that makes you can easily have them in your bag. The packaging is also thought of, as we strive to ensure that our tea brewers are as sustainable as possible. They are made from eco-friendly natural paper, and can be recycled by brewing tea up to three times. In addition, our brewers do not contain any aluminium or other harmful materials.

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