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iSGO is excited to introduce our new brand ambassador, Sabrina Ettedgui.

Sabrina is an avid trail-runner and adventure-seeker who believes fitness and living a healthy lifestyle is priceless in today’s day and age where technology rules the world and time seems to go by in the blink of an eye.

Having worked in closed office spaces for most of her career in the luxury goods industry, Sabrina quickly started to feel a need to escape the daily hustle and bustle, the overwhelming responsibilities and stress involved in the work environment. And so, she started to run. Running became a core focus in her life.

“Good health is all about moderation, finding that perfect balance between discipline & indulgence.”

In 2014, she participated in her first running races. And after a few wins, she was approached for sponsorship. The passion invested and intensity required for her training led her to enter the fitness industry…though she soon realised not to mix passion with her career.

Sabrina was diagnosed with Coeliac disease in her late teens and a plethora of food intolerances. This forced her to dive into nutrition and be more cautious of what she puts in and on her body. She understood that fitness was not enough to maintain a healthy lifestyle, it needed to be complemented with adequate nutrition. In her case, it consisted in cutting out gluten, eggs, red meat and eventually, she moved towards a more vegetarian diet.

A perfect match

When Sabrina was offered to join iSGO as brand ambassador, she felt it was particularly fitting as their beliefs in health, wellness and nutrition seemed well aligned. She was instantly drawn by iSGO’s value proposition consisting of specifically-curated, eco-friendly products for conscious consumers with sensitivities such as hers, as well as the honest care and concern offered for people’s welfare and that of the environment.

Sabrina always keeps an open eye on new fitness & nutrition trends, wellness approaches, and tries to put them into practice on a  trial and error basis. She embodies everything that iSGO represents – “conscious healthy living”.

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