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Meet Fiona, an iSGO shopper from the Fashion PR world

Fiona works as a PR in the fashion industry and is an active influencer/ KOL in both beauty and fashion. She spends most of her days handling marketing and PR for different fashion labels, organizing high function events, and travels regularly for business trips. You wonder with such a hectic lifestyle, how are you able to maintain a healthy and balanced daily routine. Fiona has been a valued customer of iSGO, shopping regularly for beauty products and organic foods.

We go behind the scenes with Fiona and learn her secrets to being mindful to health, wellness, and beauty.

How did you get into the fashion industry?

I have always been a fashion lover since I was little. I loved making garments for my Barbie dolls, dressing them in stylish outfits.. an outfit can easily showcase the characteristics of each self. I entered a fashion school in Melbourne, Australia and began my fashion journey. After graduation, I have been working as a PR with different fashion labels such as Rene Caovilla, House of Holland, Sass & Bide, Rupert Sanderson, Chalayan and etc. I definitely found my passion for working in the fashion industry.

What are things you do to maintain work-life balance in your day-to-day?

I like to play badminton and swim. But most of all, I like to keep up with the beauty trends and try different products. I’m a very experimental person. From creating my own recipes, juices, and smoothies at home to make sure I can in-take all the natural goodness for my body. Convenience is important to me when I discovered iSGO, it’s been easy for me to purchase so many of the daily products that I can use to cook with, and even for my beauty routine. I love it!

As part of the fashion industry, what are your favorite fashion and beauty brands overall?

My favorite fashion brands would definitely be Acne Studios and Comme des Garcons, I love minimal looks with great quality garments. For beauty/ skincare brands, I love Ethique! Like fashion, Ethique has a very minimal concept, staying true to natural and concentrated ingredients, all the way to its packaging.

What do you like most about Ethique?

One of the most visible benefits after using Ethique is I have less hair fall from after just one wash!

I travel a lot, so traveling with Ethique is another thing that I found great about these bars, no leaking no hassle! Easy for carrying on! You do not need to bring with you the whole shampoo, conditioner, face cleanser, or lotions in bottles which will take up so much space in your luggage.

What inspires you to maintain a conscious, healthy living?

When you are a busy working woman, you know that you can be easily worn out after a long day. I realize eating right and taking the right nutrients surely gives you better energy and motive for your daily life. Maintaining a healthy living is actually very simple as long as you know what your body needs.

What drives you to shop at iSGO regularly?

iSGO is a one shop stop for me. All products there seem to be carefully selected, and when recommended to use a product, it never fails me. I find everything I need at iSGO maintain my conscious, healthy living.

What are some beauty tips you can you suggest to women with a hectic busy lifestyle?

Take time for yourself to relax, and unwind. Definitely, use Ethique! Throw a few bars into your luggage and you are good.

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