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Biossentials 100% Pure Essential Oil - Organic Tea Tree

Biossentials 100% Pure Essential Oil - Organic Tea Tree

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Anti-fungal & Anti-bacterial

Biossentials Pure Tea Tree oil is the from steam distillation of the whole plant. A top note with a powerful, fresh and earthy scent. Excellent oil to use to combat fungal infections such as athletes foot, cystitis and thrush. A preferred oil to treat acne, herpes, lice and insect bites.


  • Tea tree is used for pimples and acneic, oily and congested skin as well as for minor wounds, warts, athletes foot, fungal infections, blisters, cuts, insect bites and cold sores.

  • It also helps to control dandruff when a few drops are added to shampoo.

  • Traditionally used in first aid for a range of temporary applications.

Safety PrecautionMay irritate sensitive skin. Check for allergy. Always dilute before use.

Product Size: 10ml