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Biossentials 100% Pure Essential Oil - Organic Lemon

Biossentials 100% Pure Essential Oil - Organic Lemon

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Revitaliser & Cleanser

Biossentials Pure Lemon oil is produced from the cold pressing of the rind of the fruit. A sharp top note with a sweet and fresh citrus scent. Use to boost your immune system and as a pick-me up when you feel down. Stimulate circulation. Helps combat cellulite and fluid retention.


  • Generally used in skin and hair care products for its cleansing, astringent and purifying properties most beneficial for acneic, oily and congested skin and hair condition.

  • Studies have shown that its refreshing and cleansing scent helps clarity, focus and concentration.

  • Its fresh citrus scent is also used to cleanse the environment.

Safety PrecautionThis essential oil may be phototoxic. Application to skin may increase sensitivity to sunlight. Allow at least 4 hours after application before exposing skin to sunlight.

Product Size: 10ml