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Bio-D Dishwashing - Dishwasher Rinse Aid 天然洗碗機專用亮碗液

Bio-D Dishwashing - Dishwasher Rinse Aid 天然洗碗機專用亮碗液

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Made in UK 英國製造

Bio-D high-performance Dishwasher Rinse Aid can be used in all types of dishwashing machines – it’s cost-effective and ensures gorgeous, gleaming results each time.

Usage Information:

Fill the rinse aid reservoir of your dishwasher with the machine manufacturers instructions. Check the rinse aid level regularly to ensure crockery and cutlery maintain a clean, shiny finish.

Below 5%: Ethanol, Citric Acid, Anionic Surfactant, Nonionic Surfactant, Sodium Chloride.

Bottle – 100% rHDPE, Cap -PP

Vegan, Cruelty Free, Ethical Consumer Best Buy, 100% recycled Post consumer waste bottles